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Margarine… the plastic butter, the plastic human. January 17, 2009

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I am very pleased that Madeleine has a new woman in her life. She deserves to be happy. After everything that happened to her. And this seems like it might be a little healthier than her relationship with Christine. Its really adorable that her partner got her a dog named Winnie to take care of her when she was away! And then Mimi liked Winnie and kept her for a while! I like people who like dogs. It makes me happy. Especially because i love my dogs so much.
So Madeleine went and checked out the old transcripts on the Froelich case. I can’t believe the things that Marjorie and Grace said about Ricky. What i really can’t believe is that Marjorie and Grace were the ones who did it. They murdered Claire. Marjorie was always disgusting, but now I can’t even think about her without wanting to lock her in her room and let her starve. How could Marjorie bring herself to treat Claire so badly, rape her with corn, and then proceed to convince Grace to strangle her until she is dead. I guess my theory about it being a child being the murderer was right, I just thought it might be an accident. This seems like it was on purpose. I mean, I know that she got sexually abused too, but so did Madeleine, and the thought of taking it out on a another child never crossed her mind. Marjorie always had something wrong with her, and this just confirmed it. And then, for her to blame it all on Grace, and say that it was her who killed Claire and not Marjorie. Yeah, Grace may have had her hands around Claires neck, but it was Marjorie who put them there. I hate that child, and that is not an understatement. Too bad Madeleine didn’t call her years later with the knowledge that she did it, rather than thinking it was Mr. March.
Jack has passed away. That is sad! But Simon sent Mimi a card! I can’t believe he would even dare. He is part of what happened just as much as Jack or Madeleine.
After all that happened I am glad that Madeleine hasn’t lost her wit. She can still make me laugh with the little things she says, although I don’t find her comedy acts funny.
And I am also glad the she went to see Ricky and Colleen, and that they were kind to her. Ricky also seemed like the type of person who would forgive people.
All in all, this novel blew me away. I loved it! It made me sad at times. Jack and Mimi broke my heart, and Mr. March made me want to vomit, but the book was superb. I got attached to almost every character, and it was more like watching a movie than reading a book, because the description was so detailed. I thought that the ending was perfection, and it couldn’t have been done better. The way everything came together is genius! ‘The Way the Crow Flies’ is possibly one of the best books I have ever read.


Mr. March is 6 feet deep

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Madeleine phoned Mr. March’s house! I am so shocked! What would she have said to him had he of actually still been living? That would have been so interesting to hear. I never would have been able to get the guts up to phone him after what happened. I have mixed feeling about his death, though. I am happy that he is dead, because he can’t be of harm to anyone else, and he shouldn’t be alive anyway. But i am angry that he is dead at the same time, because I wanted him to be arrested or locked up or punished in some sort of way. He murdered a child! Hopefully he is being punished in his after life. And it is almost humorous how his wife said ‘he really loved his pupils’. That is so far from the truth. He must have hated them. To want to violate them the way he did, and give them bruises, and strangle them. That is so awful. I wonder how he acted around his wife…did she not realize that there was something a bit off about him? Does Madeleine really think that her Human Sword letter caused Mr. March to kill Claire? Because i don’t think that’s it at all!
FINALLY! FINALLY! It has happened. Jack told Mimi about everything. It is about freakin time! Oh, the relief that Mimi must have felt to know that there never was never an affair. But he told her in a note. I don’t know if that is cute, or a cop out. I can’t decide yet. But either way, I am so happy that his secret is finally out that I could cry. And Madeleine has it figured out too!
Madeleine went to go and tell her parents what happened to her! She is on a roll! I am proud of her! But she was so close to telling her father! I wonder why she didn’t. Maybe it is for the best. I don’t think Jack would have liked to have been on his last months only to find out that his daughter has been suffering her whole life. It would be incredibly upsetting. But she told her mom! That must have been really hard, especially since her and her mom weren’t close. That must have been really hard for a mother to hear. To know that her daughter went through something so awful that she could have prevented.
Jack gave Madeleine a keepsake. That’s sad, because that means he thinks he is going to die soon. Poor Jack. Maybe I was a little bit to hard on him. I did love him at first, i suppose i do have a little bit of a soft spot for him, but he did do some stupid things.


“The Right Thing Would Always be the Hardest” – Jack

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I am glad that Madeleine is in therapy. She annoys me with her ‘broken soul’. I know she went through A LOT! I mean, I understand, but I can’t help but be ever so slightly annoyed with her. For example, why would she tell the telemarketer that she had just killed her children. That would get you in a lot of trouble today. I feel badly that her partner of seven years, Christine, left her. There is very few things that hurt as much as being left. Its like being rejected. No, its not LIKE being rejected, it IS being rejected. But I think that she struggles with trusting and loving someone, which are the bases for any good relationship. But how could she not struggle with that, i mean, a chunk of her life was built on lies.
The psychologist has diagnosed her with something called ‘Depersonalization’. What does that mean? And one of her comedy characters is Mr. March. I wonder why she would want to keep that memory alive. But i suppose that is good material for a comedian. Isn’t it said that comedians have a record for depression? That is sort of ironic. But she did tell her therapist about Mr. March. Which is really good, and then she went and told the police. Would they be able to do anything that much later?
You know, its no wonder Mimi doesn’t want to hear the name Froelich in her house. Especially when she thinks her husband had a affair with Karen. That just goes to show that she is observant though. Because she wouldn’t have heard the things that he was thinking. If she had however, she may have been long gone. And men are just so bad at hiding the way that they feel about things. They almost never get away with it. Mimi must be so plagued with curiosity though. I suppose she feels like she can’t bring it up with Jack, number one, because he is dying, and number two because she has to be ‘the good wife’. I don’t think i could hold my curiosity for that long. It would be way to difficult for me. And I can’t BELIEVE that she thought that it could have been Jack who touched Madeleine. I don’t think her sister meant ‘did you ask Jack’ in the sense that he was the one who did it, I think she meant it as in ‘maybe he knows who did’. That would have been a horrible feeling, to think that your husband may have potentially ruined your child’s life in a horrendous way.
So Mike Joined the Marine Corps. Is that really something to be so angry about? I don’t think that Mike deserved the reaction that Jack gave him. It was unfair. And then Jack went off about how he was fighting for a horrible country who didn’t deserve his allegiance. If I remember correctly Jack used to refer to America as we, as in both Canada and America, and I am pretty sure at one point he called people who hated America naive. Isn’t that just ever so hypocritical? But Jack never ceases to amaze with the weird things he is doing.


The Delicate Process of Aging

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I feel bad for the Froelichs. Not only did they lose their house, but they lost Henry too! I think Simon did this! He told somebody about him, and put a hit out for him! That is SO despicable! I just despise Simon more and more while I read about him! Plus, not only did he indirectly rid of Henry, but he has disappeared. How could he do that the Jack? He had to have know Jack would catch on! Perhaps he is dead too… but with Simon, you never know. I wouldn’t believe a word that man said to me.
Jack really unraveled in my eyes. I thought he was excellent at the beginning. Family oriented, and so in love with his wife. I thought he would pull through this, but I know longer hold him up as someone to admire. He keeps noticing inappropriate things about Karen (what is this, like, the millionth time?), such as imagining her while he is sleeping with his wife? Yeah, great, every woman’s dream…to have a husband who doesn’t think about you while he is making love to you! I can’t actually think of anything more offensive. And I am pretty sure this is the 4th time in the novel that Madeleine has brought up exercises, although this time by accident. I would not think she was ‘off in the own world’, i would hope that I might pick up on something odd.
I am glad Madeleine told the truth on the stand. At least we know somebody in this novel has morals. But I can’t believe that Jack didn’t come forward with his alibi. I can’t believe he let it go! I am glad that Ricky didn’t end up being executed, but Jack could have saved him so much grief by telling the police! And its interesting how when Madeleine is leaving Centralia, she talks only about saying goodbye to Rex. Its weird how animals capture our hearts more than people sometimes.
I just can’t even believe it. I can’t believe that Jack would lie to his wife about that shopping list for Fried! Is he not aware that he is digging himself into a huge hole that he is going to get pushed into? And now Mimi wants to leave Centralia! Well I would want to to! I know that Jack is riddled with guilt, but he is the only one stopping himself from telling the people whom he needs to tell. It is his own fault. I want to hit him with a shovel! He makes me so angry! He is always whining. Tell your damn secret fool!
It is interesting to see how the characters have turned out. Mike being a stoner, dropping out of school, going missing. I have to say, i am not surprised. His dad didn’t treat him very well. He put to much pressure on him.
Jack having heart attacks. It’s probably his Karma kicking his butt.
Madeleine becoming a lesbian comedian. You know, she did talk about Claire’s underwear a lot when she was little. But i just thought that maybe it was because she was suffering from being sexually abused. She also seems to have OCD. I am not a huge fan of older Madeleine. She doesn’t make me laugh as much anymore, and she has really bizarre ways of expressing herself. For example going to the therapist and telling her that she has ‘urges to skin puppies and violate young children’. I have to assume she was joking, but i really don’t find that even remotely funny. And what are with her weird sessions of… well… i don’t even know how to describe them. I suppose they would be like panic attacks. Is she suffering from PTS?
And as for Jack and Mimi… they make me feel incredibly sad. Once they were so in love. It was almost too in love. But now, they don’t really talk or do anything the way they used to. They don’t seem to be in love anymore, and it bothers me that they were torn apart by the murder. It seems that their whole family was.


Jack- Go and See the Wizard. You Need a Brain.

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I wasn’t entirely aware that Jack was capable of being so unkind, particularly to his son. Was there really a need to for him to treat him so badly? Be so hurtful towards him. I mean, I know Jack is stressed, but that isn’t Mike’s fault. And it isn’t like Jack couldn’t tell his wife, it isn’t his job to do this, he has the choice to tell someone, so I just can’t feel sorry for him. Although, he is being manipulated by Simon, whom i just don’t trust. But Jack just seems to be so oblivious to so much! Wouldn’t you think that you might become suspicious if you were given NO information about something you have to do? And not only that…He has been close to knowing about the exercises THREE times now! Dear God! And his daughter may have givin ricky an alibi, in which case he may not have to come forward about being the one who waved, however, the detective doesn’t believe her anyways! Why? I don’t know… he should, she is the only one who isn’t lying! But that doesn’t mean that Jack shouldn’t come forward. He should… he needs to! Ricky can not go down for this! And Jack is getting stuck in more than one way, Vic obviously said something about the riding lesson, because now Madeleine knows, and he messing things up with Mimi. Probably because she is sick and tired of the way he s treating Mike. Oh Jack… if you only had a brain!
Jack also needs to stop noticing sexual things about Karen, like her well defined lips! As a woman, i do not appreciate reading these thoughts when he has a beautiful wife waiting for him at home! Come on Jack.
And now Jack wants to move! I suppose as a parent, i would want to move as well, especially knowing that there was a man out murdering children. But it seems that everyone is moving! I suppose that is common amongst air force and military families, with new postings. But that isn’t a terribly stable life for a child.
Why is Marjorie Nolan SO STUPID?! I despise this little girl more than snoop dogg and Chad Kruger combined! Why would she lie to the police about Ricky? I am aware that she is young… but really, she knows what she is doing! She knows it is only going to ruin Ricky.  At least tell them something useful, like who is molesting you! Then maybe this whole thing could be over, and they would put Mr. March away for good. I mean, he seems to be guilty! Hence why he is sweating so much and coughing while the police are questioning the little girls, paritcularly the parts about being touched inappropriately. But then again, one of the thing that the killer said was ‘I know where there is a nest’, and then when the police asked Marjorie what Ricky said to her, she repeated that. Ohh Goodness! And what was Grace talking about… telling the police that Ricky made her do exercises. YOU HAVE THE WRONG GUY!!!!! Why would grace want them to think that Ricky was doing it, when really the sicko is right behind her! MR. MARCH!
And what about Henry? This whole thing with Dora being both a concentration camp and a rocket factory… and would Simon want to recruit someone who was a killer! Somebody horrible! He must have known that Oskar was a Nazi! Why would he drag Jack into this?
 Henry had a family that he had to leave behind! That is sad! But at least he has a, well, interesting, family now! 
And that, but certainly not least, I am curious if the detectives ever thought that perhaps whatever ‘penetrated’ claire was not a young ‘inexperienced’ boy, but rather fingers, or possibly an object? Its like they found Ricky and now they have to stop looking.


Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies January 13, 2009

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The murdered girl must be Claire. It is the only thing that makes any sense, seeing as she is missing, and she has the pixie cut, the bike, the blue dress and was in Rock Bass. Why is it that bad things happen to good people? And the murderer must be Mr. March. Why would he strangle Claire? Is it because of the note? Was he worried she was going to tell his gross secret? And she has a cloth over her face. Was it Mr. March’s hanky? Oh God… I don’t want to know why it was on her face. I just feel horrible for her family. There is no feeling worse than waking up, knowing something is wrong, trying to remember and then that feeling of dread when you realize that none of it was a dream and the horrible thing that is happening to you REALLY IS happening to you. I absolutely despise that feeling with every inch of my being. Poor Mrs. McCaroll, having to experience that almost every day, knowing her child is gone.
You know what is interesting? How adults always try to sugar coat things when it comes to telling their children. I mean, obviously they aren’t about to say ‘she is probably dead and we aren’t going to find her sorry.’ However, they tell little white lies to make their children feel safe. I suppose that is what we love about our parents. But the sugar coat doesn’t always work. I remember when I was on an incredibly bumpy plane ride and i asked the man beside me if it was normal and he said to me “Don’t worry, i was on a plane to Hawaii and an engine fell out of the plane but we landed safely.” That did not help me at all… it terrified me even more. Although, maybe he wasn’t trying to cover up to truth for me.
What makes me sad is how Madeleine manages to think that even Claire’s death is her fault. When she is walking with Jack, and she cries and tells him about the Human Sword. What really kills me about that whole situation, is that had Jack pursued what she was telling him just a little bit further, the whole story about the excersize group would have come spilling out, and the murder of Claire McCaroll would have been solved then and there. Wouldn’t you think it was a bit odd that you’re daughter was weeping and apoligizing and talking about a note she wrote to ‘save her’. I would just think ‘oh she is off in her own world’! Come on Jack… where are your critical observational skills! And what is ironic, is that Jack thinks his daughter is the safest at school, when really she is in the most danger there than anywhere else.
You know what else? I think that this whole thing with Oskar fried needs to stop. No. I think it never should have happened. Simon never should have brough Jack or Blaire into this. Had he have left them out of it, Claire would be alive. Because everything is just getting more complicated. Henry recognized the car as the one he saw Oskar get into when Ricky described it to him. This could trace back to Jack, and he knows it too! Henry also said that Oskar was a ‘war criminal’ and a ‘sadist’. Who the hell is Oskar and why has Jack been pulled into it? Because now the police think that Ricky is guilty, and Jack can’t tell them he saw him, because it could blow Oskars cover. You know what I think? Screw simon and Oskar. Jack has to stop lying (although he may not have to lie so much if Vic wansn’t so nosy. Why is he everywhere?), tell Mimi, and tell the police everything. It will save Ricky, and clear his conscience. Jack says that ‘Simon is not the enemy’, well maybe not directly, but he sure isn’t a friend. Especially if he isn’t letting you do the right thing. As I said before, I believe in Jack, and i sincerely hope he will pull through. He is already starting to suffer from anxiety, and the lies are just getting to severe.
How can they possibly pin Ricky to this crime? I suppose he found the body, and was the last to see her, and it sounds like he had a history with running from cops, but they can’t possibly think he did it. Not when people saw him coming home, and all of his stories check out. Oh my gosh! It all depends on Jack! Ricky cannot go down for this. He just can’t! Not when Mr. March is, well, marching around freely! I just can’t handle that.


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

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So I am beginning to notice Madeleine’s tendency towards morbid things increasing, although I suppose that is bound to happen when you are being molested by your grade 4 teacher. She is noticing things like Philip Pinders dead deer, and her descriptions of the blood dripping, and things like that, are just disgusting. But it bothers me that Madeleine has to go through these thoughts like ‘smashing a baby’s head with a hammer’, and think that there is something wrong with her. It bothers me that she feels responsible for these thoughts, when really it is all about Mr. March. As Jack put it ‘He is the type who gets picked on in the school yard, then grows up to take his revenge in the classroom.’ Little does Jack know, he is right in more ways that one, and no one could have summed Mr. March up better than that.
Why is it that Oskar Fried hasn’t opened up yet? For heaven sakes man! Show some emotion! It’s annoying because he is expecting all of this stuff from Jack, yet he doesn’t even have the decency to meet Jack’s family. He is expecting Jack to be his ‘Chauffeur’. Well, sorry Oskar, but some favours need to be repaid! Although it seems that Oskar fried is not exactly who we are led to believe. How is Gods name would Henry know Oskar? And what is the significance of this rocket factory called Dora? Did Henry work there? And it seems to me that Henry has a bit of a past too, I am curious about what his life was like before he came and met Karen. I get the feeling that he has created this new family here, as an escape from a traumatizing past. I don’t think that his kids are really his kids either.
What is Jack doing? I can just see his web getting deeper and wider and just all around HUGE! He lied to Vic about his grocery list for Oskar, by pretending it was for Mimi (Geez, Jack, you should know wives talk!). He didn’t need to do that! He could have just ended the conversation, he didn’t have to pretend he was talking to his wife. That is just such a guilty thing to do. And not only that, but it says that it was never proven that Ricky was walking the highway at the time of the murder, but Jack saw him! Is Jack going to come forward and tell the people that he saw Ricky, or is he going to create more lies to keep himself out of trouble? I just have to much faith in Jack. I like him to much. He has to stop this lying! He has to tell the police that he saw Ricky! And why does he keep saying he can’t tell Mimi about Oskar? He could couldn’t he? I don’t recall Simon telling him that he couldn’t tell Mimi about it. Jack shouldn’t take Mimi for a fool either, she knows something is going on. She found the grocery list in his pocket! But what really gets me, is that she doesn’t say anything! If it were me, there would be a serious c0nversation taking place.
Madeleine has a charm bracelet now too! This makes the Murder so complicated, because it talks about a charm bracelet at the beginning, but claire has one too! And I am leaning more towards Claire being the victim, as it just seems more probable. As for the murderer, it said the death was by strangulation. Mr. March always told the girls to put their hand around his neck, which is truly disturbing, but a clue nonetheless. Did he strangle the dead girl? But then Marjorie threatens to kill Madeleine. Maybe the murder was an accident by a little girl that was never intended to go as far as it did? Maybe Marjorie really does try to kill Madeleiene? However, it does say that the person called the victim little girl. It has to be Mr. March, or someone in his class. There is just no way around that one. But I am thinking its Mr. March. I wouldn’t put it past him. He is already sick, why would he not murder a little girl too?
And speaking of Mr. March, it seems as though he is turned off by the idea of the girls getting older. When Grace gets her period (in the most embarrasing way- in front of the whole class!- poor possum) he doesn’t ask her to stay for the ‘exercise group’ anymore. Is he disgusted by girls that aren’t under the age of 10?
And as for young girls under 10, Madeleine appeared to have made a very mature realization when she said “you do not try to be nice to Marjorie, and do not try to be mean. It all backfires.” Sometimes it takes people years and years to realize things like that! I thought that was very mature and adult of her. Although, it does get glazed back over when she starts in with her cartoon character voices. It seemed like a shock to her when she used them out loud when Marjorie and Grace were beating her up. I think that confirms that they are her outlet for fear and anxiety. And what do those two girls have against Madeleine anyway?
I do have one last question though… What does ‘sleeping dogs lie’ mean?