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The First 82…Pages, that is. January 6, 2009

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Within the first chunk of pages, I can’t help but find myself becoming bored. I must say, that I feel that the description of the car ride down to Ontario, was dragged out for far too long. I am aware that, possibly, it was the authors way of drilling the idea of a ‘perfect family’ into our heads, but I am sure that that could have been done in a shorter, more interesting way. I also find those side comments that are supposed to be coming from Madeleine’s Bugs Bunny doll incredibly irritating. I really don’t need the input of a stuffed rabbit, particularly since I have found Bugs Bunny an immensly obnoxious character throughout my own personal childhood.
Although, as the story continues I find myself quite enjoying the McCarthy family. I like how in love Jack and Mimi are, and how stunningly witty Madeleine is. Particularly for such a young girl. It is un-common to find an 8 year old girl who is so quick on her feet. I have yet to grow an attachment to Mike. I’ve had my fill of young boys, seeing as I have three brothers. I don’t need to be reading about them too. Although, I do think Mike can be quite kind to his sister, which is something that I like about his character.
But I am not feeling good about this ‘Oskar Fried’ person. I have a sneaking feeling that Jack is getting pulled into something that he doesn’t need. I don’t want his family to fall apart.
And Henry Froelich… he seems a bit mysterious. I am curious about what part he will play in this novel.
So I suppose I have to come to the conclusion that, although the beginning dragged me by my heels through every word, it is becoming a page turner. And it makes it even better seeing as I am incredibly attached to that family, if not protective of them.


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