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The 4 m’s- Mimi, Marjorie, Madeleine and Mr. March January 7, 2009

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I am slightly bothered by how awkward Jack was around Karen Froelich. I don’t like how he got red while he was shopping and saw her, and how he kept thinking about how she was pretty ‘in a way’. I know he is very in love, or at least it seems that he is very in love, with his wife, Mimi, however, he was just a little to interested in Karen. It struck me as a little odd… not that its unusual for a man to find another woman attractive, he just kept thinking about it. But while Jack thinks shes ‘fine’, Mimi thinks she is below average. Mimi is very judgemental about Karen, particularly at the barbecue where she is thinking about her ‘faded black stirrup pants’ and how Mimi herself disapproves. I suppose in a life like that it would be hard not to be judgemental, but Karen strikes me’ as the only woman who is being herself
As for Jack, I am not to pleased that he has to lie to Mimi about Oskar Fried. I feel like he is being led into something bad, that he may not be able to worm his way out of, and Simon is just NOT giving him enough information to make it seem like its safe. Maybe if Simon wasn’t so secretive about it, I might be a little more comfortable with it.
What about the character Marjorie Nolan? Oh dear god help me, she is absolutely horrific. A little tiny know it all with a horrible attitude. I am interested as to why the author has decided to stick such an ‘utterly delightful’ character into this novel. Telling Madeleine horrible things about people like the fact that “[Grace] has 4 older sisters and they’re all sluts” as well as telling her that she shouldn’t wave at Grace as “that’s like petting a stray dog.” What kind of 8 year old child says things like this? What must her home life be like that she feels the need to act like this? How I would love to know…
As for the barbecue, all the chat about war is difficult to get through. Although I like the passion that Henry Froelich has when he is talking about things like war. Is it possibly that Henry is jewish? He got awfully silent when all the men were discussing Hilter and the Holocaust and anti-semetism. Another thing I noticed at the barbecue is how kind Madeleine is to Elizabeth. It shows a good side to someone, particularly one as young as Madeleine.
However, as this section of the book continues, I have noticed that little Maddy has a bit of a morbid side to her. For example, when her father, Jack, tells her the story of the Pied Piper, the one thing that she focuses on after he is finished is the fact that, while the kids are staying young, their families grow old and die. This makes me feel sad, as I want Madeleine to feel happy, and not be concentrating on the sad parts of life.
And now… for the big one. Mr. March. This man is the most repulsive, disgusting, utterly horrifying man I have ever read about in my life. His soft body and open mouthed breathing makes me want to vomit. Not only is he gross, but he also has some interesting classroom rules. He has almost split the students into an old school ‘class system’ with his hares, dolphins and tortoise distinction. I don’t like that he gives the students these labels. I believe that they make the students feel bad about themselves. The only thing students should be expected to do is try, especially in grade 4. So now the worst part… the exercises. Why does this man even have permission to teach? Anybody who keeps little girls after school to do ‘exercises’ has very serious problems.’


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