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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? January 13, 2009

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So I am beginning to notice Madeleine’s tendency towards morbid things increasing, although I suppose that is bound to happen when you are being molested by your grade 4 teacher. She is noticing things like Philip Pinders dead deer, and her descriptions of the blood dripping, and things like that, are just disgusting. But it bothers me that Madeleine has to go through these thoughts like ‘smashing a baby’s head with a hammer’, and think that there is something wrong with her. It bothers me that she feels responsible for these thoughts, when really it is all about Mr. March. As Jack put it ‘He is the type who gets picked on in the school yard, then grows up to take his revenge in the classroom.’ Little does Jack know, he is right in more ways that one, and no one could have summed Mr. March up better than that.
Why is it that Oskar Fried hasn’t opened up yet? For heaven sakes man! Show some emotion! It’s annoying because he is expecting all of this stuff from Jack, yet he doesn’t even have the decency to meet Jack’s family. He is expecting Jack to be his ‘Chauffeur’. Well, sorry Oskar, but some favours need to be repaid! Although it seems that Oskar fried is not exactly who we are led to believe. How is Gods name would Henry know Oskar? And what is the significance of this rocket factory called Dora? Did Henry work there? And it seems to me that Henry has a bit of a past too, I am curious about what his life was like before he came and met Karen. I get the feeling that he has created this new family here, as an escape from a traumatizing past. I don’t think that his kids are really his kids either.
What is Jack doing? I can just see his web getting deeper and wider and just all around HUGE! He lied to Vic about his grocery list for Oskar, by pretending it was for Mimi (Geez, Jack, you should know wives talk!). He didn’t need to do that! He could have just ended the conversation, he didn’t have to pretend he was talking to his wife. That is just such a guilty thing to do. And not only that, but it says that it was never proven that Ricky was walking the highway at the time of the murder, but Jack saw him! Is Jack going to come forward and tell the people that he saw Ricky, or is he going to create more lies to keep himself out of trouble? I just have to much faith in Jack. I like him to much. He has to stop this lying! He has to tell the police that he saw Ricky! And why does he keep saying he can’t tell Mimi about Oskar? He could couldn’t he? I don’t recall Simon telling him that he couldn’t tell Mimi about it. Jack shouldn’t take Mimi for a fool either, she knows something is going on. She found the grocery list in his pocket! But what really gets me, is that she doesn’t say anything! If it were me, there would be a serious c0nversation taking place.
Madeleine has a charm bracelet now too! This makes the Murder so complicated, because it talks about a charm bracelet at the beginning, but claire has one too! And I am leaning more towards Claire being the victim, as it just seems more probable. As for the murderer, it said the death was by strangulation. Mr. March always told the girls to put their hand around his neck, which is truly disturbing, but a clue nonetheless. Did he strangle the dead girl? But then Marjorie threatens to kill Madeleine. Maybe the murder was an accident by a little girl that was never intended to go as far as it did? Maybe Marjorie really does try to kill Madeleiene? However, it does say that the person called the victim little girl. It has to be Mr. March, or someone in his class. There is just no way around that one. But I am thinking its Mr. March. I wouldn’t put it past him. He is already sick, why would he not murder a little girl too?
And speaking of Mr. March, it seems as though he is turned off by the idea of the girls getting older. When Grace gets her period (in the most embarrasing way- in front of the whole class!- poor possum) he doesn’t ask her to stay for the ‘exercise group’ anymore. Is he disgusted by girls that aren’t under the age of 10?
And as for young girls under 10, Madeleine appeared to have made a very mature realization when she said “you do not try to be nice to Marjorie, and do not try to be mean. It all backfires.” Sometimes it takes people years and years to realize things like that! I thought that was very mature and adult of her. Although, it does get glazed back over when she starts in with her cartoon character voices. It seemed like a shock to her when she used them out loud when Marjorie and Grace were beating her up. I think that confirms that they are her outlet for fear and anxiety. And what do those two girls have against Madeleine anyway?
I do have one last question though… What does ‘sleeping dogs lie’ mean?


One Response to “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?”

  1. Ms. Tong Says:

    Very insightful comments Morgan.

    Regarding your question about letting sleeping dogs lie: it is a cliche (that isn’t often used anymore) meaning that you should leave a dormant problem alone.

    Well done! 5/5

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