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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies January 13, 2009

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The murdered girl must be Claire. It is the only thing that makes any sense, seeing as she is missing, and she has the pixie cut, the bike, the blue dress and was in Rock Bass. Why is it that bad things happen to good people? And the murderer must be Mr. March. Why would he strangle Claire? Is it because of the note? Was he worried she was going to tell his gross secret? And she has a cloth over her face. Was it Mr. March’s hanky? Oh God… I don’t want to know why it was on her face. I just feel horrible for her family. There is no feeling worse than waking up, knowing something is wrong, trying to remember and then that feeling of dread when you realize that none of it was a dream and the horrible thing that is happening to you REALLY IS happening to you. I absolutely despise that feeling with every inch of my being. Poor Mrs. McCaroll, having to experience that almost every day, knowing her child is gone.
You know what is interesting? How adults always try to sugar coat things when it comes to telling their children. I mean, obviously they aren’t about to say ‘she is probably dead and we aren’t going to find her sorry.’ However, they tell little white lies to make their children feel safe. I suppose that is what we love about our parents. But the sugar coat doesn’t always work. I remember when I was on an incredibly bumpy plane ride and i asked the man beside me if it was normal and he said to me “Don’t worry, i was on a plane to Hawaii and an engine fell out of the plane but we landed safely.” That did not help me at all… it terrified me even more. Although, maybe he wasn’t trying to cover up to truth for me.
What makes me sad is how Madeleine manages to think that even Claire’s death is her fault. When she is walking with Jack, and she cries and tells him about the Human Sword. What really kills me about that whole situation, is that had Jack pursued what she was telling him just a little bit further, the whole story about the excersize group would have come spilling out, and the murder of Claire McCaroll would have been solved then and there. Wouldn’t you think it was a bit odd that you’re daughter was weeping and apoligizing and talking about a note she wrote to ‘save her’. I would just think ‘oh she is off in her own world’! Come on Jack… where are your critical observational skills! And what is ironic, is that Jack thinks his daughter is the safest at school, when really she is in the most danger there than anywhere else.
You know what else? I think that this whole thing with Oskar fried needs to stop. No. I think it never should have happened. Simon never should have brough Jack or Blaire into this. Had he have left them out of it, Claire would be alive. Because everything is just getting more complicated. Henry recognized the car as the one he saw Oskar get into when Ricky described it to him. This could trace back to Jack, and he knows it too! Henry also said that Oskar was a ‘war criminal’ and a ‘sadist’. Who the hell is Oskar and why has Jack been pulled into it? Because now the police think that Ricky is guilty, and Jack can’t tell them he saw him, because it could blow Oskars cover. You know what I think? Screw simon and Oskar. Jack has to stop lying (although he may not have to lie so much if Vic wansn’t so nosy. Why is he everywhere?), tell Mimi, and tell the police everything. It will save Ricky, and clear his conscience. Jack says that ‘Simon is not the enemy’, well maybe not directly, but he sure isn’t a friend. Especially if he isn’t letting you do the right thing. As I said before, I believe in Jack, and i sincerely hope he will pull through. He is already starting to suffer from anxiety, and the lies are just getting to severe.
How can they possibly pin Ricky to this crime? I suppose he found the body, and was the last to see her, and it sounds like he had a history with running from cops, but they can’t possibly think he did it. Not when people saw him coming home, and all of his stories check out. Oh my gosh! It all depends on Jack! Ricky cannot go down for this. He just can’t! Not when Mr. March is, well, marching around freely! I just can’t handle that.


One Response to “Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies”

  1. Ms. Tong Says:

    Regarding your comments:
    You know what is interesting? How adults always try to sugar coat things when it comes to telling their children.
    – I totally agree. Of course, I don’t have children at this point in time and will probably sugar coat things when I’m a parent. I think adults want to protect the young. Although, I have to say that what the man on the plane said to you would not have comforted me either!

    I too was infuriated by the fact that Ricky was blamed for the murder and that Jack knew the truth but stayed silent.


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