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Jack- Go and See the Wizard. You Need a Brain. January 17, 2009

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I wasn’t entirely aware that Jack was capable of being so unkind, particularly to his son. Was there really a need to for him to treat him so badly? Be so hurtful towards him. I mean, I know Jack is stressed, but that isn’t Mike’s fault. And it isn’t like Jack couldn’t tell his wife, it isn’t his job to do this, he has the choice to tell someone, so I just can’t feel sorry for him. Although, he is being manipulated by Simon, whom i just don’t trust. But Jack just seems to be so oblivious to so much! Wouldn’t you think that you might become suspicious if you were given NO information about something you have to do? And not only that…He has been close to knowing about the exercises THREE times now! Dear God! And his daughter may have givin ricky an alibi, in which case he may not have to come forward about being the one who waved, however, the detective doesn’t believe her anyways! Why? I don’t know… he should, she is the only one who isn’t lying! But that doesn’t mean that Jack shouldn’t come forward. He should… he needs to! Ricky can not go down for this! And Jack is getting stuck in more than one way, Vic obviously said something about the riding lesson, because now Madeleine knows, and he messing things up with Mimi. Probably because she is sick and tired of the way he s treating Mike. Oh Jack… if you only had a brain!
Jack also needs to stop noticing sexual things about Karen, like her well defined lips! As a woman, i do not appreciate reading these thoughts when he has a beautiful wife waiting for him at home! Come on Jack.
And now Jack wants to move! I suppose as a parent, i would want to move as well, especially knowing that there was a man out murdering children. But it seems that everyone is moving! I suppose that is common amongst air force and military families, with new postings. But that isn’t a terribly stable life for a child.
Why is Marjorie Nolan SO STUPID?! I despise this little girl more than snoop dogg and Chad Kruger combined! Why would she lie to the police about Ricky? I am aware that she is young… but really, she knows what she is doing! She knows it is only going to ruin Ricky.  At least tell them something useful, like who is molesting you! Then maybe this whole thing could be over, and they would put Mr. March away for good. I mean, he seems to be guilty! Hence why he is sweating so much and coughing while the police are questioning the little girls, paritcularly the parts about being touched inappropriately. But then again, one of the thing that the killer said was ‘I know where there is a nest’, and then when the police asked Marjorie what Ricky said to her, she repeated that. Ohh Goodness! And what was Grace talking about… telling the police that Ricky made her do exercises. YOU HAVE THE WRONG GUY!!!!! Why would grace want them to think that Ricky was doing it, when really the sicko is right behind her! MR. MARCH!
And what about Henry? This whole thing with Dora being both a concentration camp and a rocket factory… and would Simon want to recruit someone who was a killer! Somebody horrible! He must have known that Oskar was a Nazi! Why would he drag Jack into this?
 Henry had a family that he had to leave behind! That is sad! But at least he has a, well, interesting, family now! 
And that, but certainly not least, I am curious if the detectives ever thought that perhaps whatever ‘penetrated’ claire was not a young ‘inexperienced’ boy, but rather fingers, or possibly an object? Its like they found Ricky and now they have to stop looking.


One Response to “Jack- Go and See the Wizard. You Need a Brain.”

  1. Ms. Tong Says:

    I love the title of your response journal 🙂

    Your emotional response reminds me of how I felt when reading this section of the novel. It’s hard to swallow the plot knowing that Jack could have testified, that Jack could have caught Mr. March if he had remembered to drop by the school, and so on…

    I suppose that is what makes this book so gripping!


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