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Margarine… the plastic butter, the plastic human. January 17, 2009

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I am very pleased that Madeleine has a new woman in her life. She deserves to be happy. After everything that happened to her. And this seems like it might be a little healthier than her relationship with Christine. Its really adorable that her partner got her a dog named Winnie to take care of her when she was away! And then Mimi liked Winnie and kept her for a while! I like people who like dogs. It makes me happy. Especially because i love my dogs so much.
So Madeleine went and checked out the old transcripts on the Froelich case. I can’t believe the things that Marjorie and Grace said about Ricky. What i really can’t believe is that Marjorie and Grace were the ones who did it. They murdered Claire. Marjorie was always disgusting, but now I can’t even think about her without wanting to lock her in her room and let her starve. How could Marjorie bring herself to treat Claire so badly, rape her with corn, and then proceed to convince Grace to strangle her until she is dead. I guess my theory about it being a child being the murderer was right, I just thought it might be an accident. This seems like it was on purpose. I mean, I know that she got sexually abused too, but so did Madeleine, and the thought of taking it out on a another child never crossed her mind. Marjorie always had something wrong with her, and this just confirmed it. And then, for her to blame it all on Grace, and say that it was her who killed Claire and not Marjorie. Yeah, Grace may have had her hands around Claires neck, but it was Marjorie who put them there. I hate that child, and that is not an understatement. Too bad Madeleine didn’t call her years later with the knowledge that she did it, rather than thinking it was Mr. March.
Jack has passed away. That is sad! But Simon sent Mimi a card! I can’t believe he would even dare. He is part of what happened just as much as Jack or Madeleine.
After all that happened I am glad that Madeleine hasn’t lost her wit. She can still make me laugh with the little things she says, although I don’t find her comedy acts funny.
And I am also glad the she went to see Ricky and Colleen, and that they were kind to her. Ricky also seemed like the type of person who would forgive people.
All in all, this novel blew me away. I loved it! It made me sad at times. Jack and Mimi broke my heart, and Mr. March made me want to vomit, but the book was superb. I got attached to almost every character, and it was more like watching a movie than reading a book, because the description was so detailed. I thought that the ending was perfection, and it couldn’t have been done better. The way everything came together is genius! ‘The Way the Crow Flies’ is possibly one of the best books I have ever read.


One Response to “Margarine… the plastic butter, the plastic human.”

  1. Ms. Tong Says:

    The ending is such a shocker. The Way the Crow Flies is definitely in my top 10 books of all time. I am very critical of endings, but I wholly agree with your assessment – it was perfection.

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed the novel because I know it was a bit of a time commitment given it’s length.

    You may be interested in her other novel, Fall on Your Knees. I have a copy if you ever want to borrow it.

    Total for response journals: 50/50

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