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The Delicate Process of Aging January 17, 2009

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I feel bad for the Froelichs. Not only did they lose their house, but they lost Henry too! I think Simon did this! He told somebody about him, and put a hit out for him! That is SO despicable! I just despise Simon more and more while I read about him! Plus, not only did he indirectly rid of Henry, but he has disappeared. How could he do that the Jack? He had to have know Jack would catch on! Perhaps he is dead too… but with Simon, you never know. I wouldn’t believe a word that man said to me.
Jack really unraveled in my eyes. I thought he was excellent at the beginning. Family oriented, and so in love with his wife. I thought he would pull through this, but I know longer hold him up as someone to admire. He keeps noticing inappropriate things about Karen (what is this, like, the millionth time?), such as imagining her while he is sleeping with his wife? Yeah, great, every woman’s dream…to have a husband who doesn’t think about you while he is making love to you! I can’t actually think of anything more offensive. And I am pretty sure this is the 4th time in the novel that Madeleine has brought up exercises, although this time by accident. I would not think she was ‘off in the own world’, i would hope that I might pick up on something odd.
I am glad Madeleine told the truth on the stand. At least we know somebody in this novel has morals. But I can’t believe that Jack didn’t come forward with his alibi. I can’t believe he let it go! I am glad that Ricky didn’t end up being executed, but Jack could have saved him so much grief by telling the police! And its interesting how when Madeleine is leaving Centralia, she talks only about saying goodbye to Rex. Its weird how animals capture our hearts more than people sometimes.
I just can’t even believe it. I can’t believe that Jack would lie to his wife about that shopping list for Fried! Is he not aware that he is digging himself into a huge hole that he is going to get pushed into? And now Mimi wants to leave Centralia! Well I would want to to! I know that Jack is riddled with guilt, but he is the only one stopping himself from telling the people whom he needs to tell. It is his own fault. I want to hit him with a shovel! He makes me so angry! He is always whining. Tell your damn secret fool!
It is interesting to see how the characters have turned out. Mike being a stoner, dropping out of school, going missing. I have to say, i am not surprised. His dad didn’t treat him very well. He put to much pressure on him.
Jack having heart attacks. It’s probably his Karma kicking his butt.
Madeleine becoming a lesbian comedian. You know, she did talk about Claire’s underwear a lot when she was little. But i just thought that maybe it was because she was suffering from being sexually abused. She also seems to have OCD. I am not a huge fan of older Madeleine. She doesn’t make me laugh as much anymore, and she has really bizarre ways of expressing herself. For example going to the therapist and telling her that she has ‘urges to skin puppies and violate young children’. I have to assume she was joking, but i really don’t find that even remotely funny. And what are with her weird sessions of… well… i don’t even know how to describe them. I suppose they would be like panic attacks. Is she suffering from PTS?
And as for Jack and Mimi… they make me feel incredibly sad. Once they were so in love. It was almost too in love. But now, they don’t really talk or do anything the way they used to. They don’t seem to be in love anymore, and it bothers me that they were torn apart by the murder. It seems that their whole family was.


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