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“The Right Thing Would Always be the Hardest” – Jack January 17, 2009

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I am glad that Madeleine is in therapy. She annoys me with her ‘broken soul’. I know she went through A LOT! I mean, I understand, but I can’t help but be ever so slightly annoyed with her. For example, why would she tell the telemarketer that she had just killed her children. That would get you in a lot of trouble today. I feel badly that her partner of seven years, Christine, left her. There is very few things that hurt as much as being left. Its like being rejected. No, its not LIKE being rejected, it IS being rejected. But I think that she struggles with trusting and loving someone, which are the bases for any good relationship. But how could she not struggle with that, i mean, a chunk of her life was built on lies.
The psychologist has diagnosed her with something called ‘Depersonalization’. What does that mean? And one of her comedy characters is Mr. March. I wonder why she would want to keep that memory alive. But i suppose that is good material for a comedian. Isn’t it said that comedians have a record for depression? That is sort of ironic. But she did tell her therapist about Mr. March. Which is really good, and then she went and told the police. Would they be able to do anything that much later?
You know, its no wonder Mimi doesn’t want to hear the name Froelich in her house. Especially when she thinks her husband had a affair with Karen. That just goes to show that she is observant though. Because she wouldn’t have heard the things that he was thinking. If she had however, she may have been long gone. And men are just so bad at hiding the way that they feel about things. They almost never get away with it. Mimi must be so plagued with curiosity though. I suppose she feels like she can’t bring it up with Jack, number one, because he is dying, and number two because she has to be ‘the good wife’. I don’t think i could hold my curiosity for that long. It would be way to difficult for me. And I can’t BELIEVE that she thought that it could have been Jack who touched Madeleine. I don’t think her sister meant ‘did you ask Jack’ in the sense that he was the one who did it, I think she meant it as in ‘maybe he knows who did’. That would have been a horrible feeling, to think that your husband may have potentially ruined your child’s life in a horrendous way.
So Mike Joined the Marine Corps. Is that really something to be so angry about? I don’t think that Mike deserved the reaction that Jack gave him. It was unfair. And then Jack went off about how he was fighting for a horrible country who didn’t deserve his allegiance. If I remember correctly Jack used to refer to America as we, as in both Canada and America, and I am pretty sure at one point he called people who hated America naive. Isn’t that just ever so hypocritical? But Jack never ceases to amaze with the weird things he is doing.


One Response to ““The Right Thing Would Always be the Hardest” – Jack”

  1. Ms. Tong Says:

    ‘Depersonalization’. What does that mean?
    – I wonder if it’s M’s way of coping with what happened in her past. Instead of dealing with it head on, she separates her younger self from who she is now and then is able to make jokes about it. Clearly, M has been damaged.

    So Mike Joined the Marine Corps. Is that really something to be so angry about?
    – Perhaps he does not want Mike to go down the same road as he did given that his patriotism only gave him grief.

    Great points!

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